Favourite: K-Pop Album & Songs 2013

December 31, 2013

Just realized I write this post on the last day in 2013. OMG time flies so fast. I still remember spent my time on new year eve last year with my friends :')

Okay, back to the topic! Just like the title, I want to share my favourite K-pop songs on 2013! Since I'm a K-popers and love music so much so I think that this is a must to share with you! ^^~ all the songs below is release in 2013 and I played the most. When I heard the song for the first time and I found that the intro is really nice and catchy, so I'll definitely play the song for thousand times lol~. I would sorted them based on the release of the songs. So let's take a look, shall we? ;)

Girls' Generation - I Got A Boy

I'm HUGE fans of Girls' Generation! So I excited when they released this album. They released this album on January 1, 2013. It's the best new year gift for SONE all around the world. And, I Got A Boy MV got 2013 YouTube Music Award. Great, isn't? ^^ . From this album my favourite songs are: I Got A Boy, Baby Maybe, Promise, Lost In Love, Romantic St.
When the first time I heard 'I Got A Boy', I was like "Is it really their song?", "Am I hear the right song?", "Is it really GG's music?". Yeah, it's sound messy because it's like combination of the other music and put together into one song. But, the more I listen the song, the more I loooove the song. It's sound unique and catchy. 
I really love chorus part at 'Baby Maybe', and this song is written by the members itself, Sooyoung, Yuri & Seohyun. I like to hear this song in the morning when I put my makeup on before I go to campus. 
'Promise' is really beautiful song with beautiful lyric, especially this part, "우리 둘이 함께라고 손가락 걸고 Promise to you~~", means "We are one, I pinky swear and promise to you~~".
'Lost in Love' is peferct collaboration of TaeNy (Taeyeon and Tiffany), their voice is blend really well. I don't know how to explain it. Just listen the song please ^^~
Last but not least, 'Romantic Street' which is the last track in this album giving sweet taste and romantic feeling. Just love this song :D
They give new feeling in this album, so I really happy to hear all of the whole songs in this album. And I'm so happy that I had a chance to saw them live when they held a concert last September in Indonesia. You can check the story here.

Gone Not Around Any Longer by Sistar19

Sistar 19 is sub-unit of Sistar. Sistar is also my favourite group! I think if they held a solo concert in Indonesia, I would buy the ticket for sure! :D Sistar always give sexy look and Hyolyn voice is hard to resist. Hyorin unique voice and Bora's rap is definitely great combo! This song has jazzy-feeling, which is I loved. The first time I wacthed the MV I didn't expected that they will give sexy choreo like that and when I watched MuBank in Indonesia last March, I saw them live and sang this song I just wanna cry T___T, they look so good in real life. And Hyolyn's voice killed me! lol xD

Hello by NU'EST

Eventhough I'm not a fan of NU'EST, but I do love their song especially 'Hello'. Sounds of guitar and "Yoboseo~~" at the first of the song makes me play this song over and over. Don't ask me who is the member of NU'EST because all I know is Ren (the blonde one). He is sooo beautiful OMG T___T 

Dream Girl by Shinee

Shinee comeback in 2013 with this album and I think that Shinee is the group who released the most album album in 2013 (divided by the chapter), but I must admit that Shinee's songs is really nice to hear. From 'Chapter 1: The Misconceptions of You' album, my favourite song is 'Dream Girl'. This song is really nice, has a great beat to dance and will build up ur spirit. I hear this song in the morning, when I put my make up on because it can boost up my mood. 

Propose Song - 4Men

I do love ballad song. The reason why I love ballad song because I can feel the feeling of this song and it can help me to build up my emotion when I sing such a sad song, because I'm a hyper person who can't stop to move xD hahahah~ But, I'm the person who easily to cry hahaha. Such a mellow person. When I know the meaning behind this song, I though it just soooo sweet. 4Men's member has a nice voice and make it more sweet >< . In US, we have Boyz 2 Men, meanwhile in Korea we have 4Men.So yeah, I found that their music has similarity. I love hear this song when I want to sleep. This is my lullaby :)

Bad Girl & Miss Korea by Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori comeback with an amazing album this year. My favourite song in this album are Miss Korea & Bad Girl. Lee Hyori wrote both of that song. Lee Hyori is super duper pretty in 'Miss Korea' MV and doesn't look like Korean at all. Sometimes I say that she is Korean Megan Fox!. This song just so addicting!. The other song is 'Bad Girl'. Lee Hyori just sooo sexy in the MV and also the MV is unique. This is the addicting one. And love the part "bad bad bad bad girls~" with its choreography :D


I'm in love with EXO right now T____T Oh my Sehun & D.O >w< hahaha. All the songs in this album is really great but my favourite are: Wolf, Baby Don't Cry, Black Pearl, My Lady. 'Wolf' is the single of this album and I love the song and their choreo so much! Meanwhile the other is ballad songs with outstanding vocal from the member. 

Henry - Trap

Henry is the member of Super Junior-M (Super Junior's sub unit). He is sooooo talented. He sings, dance, play piano, violin, guitar (and the other instrument), write a song, acting, even cook well! This year Henry released his solo album. I love Trap, 1-4-3, and I Would the most. 'Trap' and '1-4-3' is beat song and sooo addicting, meanwhile 'I Would' is ballad song but not so ballad, and Yiruma was creating the music for this song. You know all ever heard about Yiruma, right? ^^

Growl & Lucky by EXO

On August, EXO released their repackaged album. I love Growl and Lucky. I love 'Growl' choreo and also the song it's just so addicting and the fact that 'Growl' MV is using one-shoot technique. 'Lucky' is a happy song and I love the lyric. EXO is just great this year. 

Standing Egg - Shine

Standing Egg is K-Indie accoustic pop band. I know it's not a K-Pop, but let me include them in my list because I love their music sooooooo much! I love all the songs, it's hard to pick my favourite one lol. K-Indie has so many great music than K-Pop to be honest. Some of them play an accoustic song which is I love the most. Because it's so relaxing :) . You can check the songs of the album here.

IU - Modern Times

Gosh, I'm in love with every single of IU's song >w< she is so talented, cute and also has a great voice. In this album, IU become more mature with her music and also her appearance. I love when she changed her hair into blonde, but unfortunately she cut her hair short and dyed it black. In this album I love Everybody Has Secret, Between The Lips (50cm), The Red Shoes and Obliviate. The main single of this album is 'The Red Shoes' which has 1930s music and also the setting. I love the MV *.* . In 'Obliviate', IU gives a latin touch. This is the song that can make you dance.Meanwhile 'Everybody Has Secret' I just love it. It's addicting. 'Between The Lips (50cm)' has a slow tempo and this song can makes you daydreaming somewhere lol. 

Missing You by 2NE1

When the first time I heard this song, I was like "Okay, must download this song and play this song over and over". The lyric just so beautiful and this is a sad song >< In the MV, all the members sooo pretty especially Dara OMG >w<. In my opinion, this is the best song from 2NE1 so far ^^

Hyolyn - Love & Hate

Wohoooo~ Hyolyn made a solo album! Kinda awkward call her with 'Hyolyn'. I usually call her with 'Hyorin'. But yeah, it doesn't matter lol. I love all the songs from the album, but my favourite are: Lonely, Don't Love Me, Closer, Red Lipstick, Falling and Tonight. I can't explain why I love those songs, but when I heard all the whole song from the album from the first time, those song just captivated my mind :3

EXO - Miracles In December 

EXO comeback again with special winter album. Eventhough they just have 6 tracks (1 orchestra version without vocal), but I love it. All the songs are my favourite, especially 'My Turn To Cry'. It has a sweet lyric and sweet arragement with sounds of guitar. All the songs is really worth to hear. In 'Miracles In December', all the vocal lines take a part of this song, so this is just great. I love D.O's voice in every single song lol (fangirl mode on xD). 


So yeah, those are my favourite K-Pop album & songs in 2013. I know, there are so many songs beside that. I do listen their song, but not my favourite. So I didn't include them in my list. I hope in 2014 there are so many great music in K-Pop. I can't wait for TVXQ and Girls' Generation comeback!^^ and I hope after finished Super Show 5, Super Junior will comeback with new album *.* 

Okay then, this is my last post in 2013. I hope 2014 give us so many happiness and so many surprise for us. And thank you so much for my readers who read my blog. Eventhough my blog is still new but I hope I can do better in the future.

Good luck for you all in 2014! ^^ 

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  1. Great choices! I like I Got A Boy by SNSD as well!<3

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