Liebster Award Nomination

December 09, 2013

Hello everyone, how is your Monday? Hope it's going well ^^

I'm super excited to write this post, because I got Liebster Award which is nominated by Ci Irene. Make sure you check her blog here, she also great at makeup especially fantasy makeup. She always amazed me! ^^

What is Liebster Award?
Liebster Award is an award for blog which have less than 200 followers. Its such a great opportunities for new blogger like me, because its a chance to get more reader and friend by following and got nominated by this award.

I got nominated, so I must nominated 11 other bloggers. If you got nominated by me, I hope you follow me via GFC or Bloglovin (just comment if you want to followback^^). After that, you must nominated the other 11 other bloggers (no tag back), give them 10 questions and write a post like me. Simple, right? ^^

Before I nominated 11 other bloggers, I must answer some questions from Ci Irene ^^

1. What most do you like, eating or shopping?
Eating! lol because I can't shopping without starving stomach. And also I love eat because I love cooking, so I can eat my own dish :D

2. What kind of pet you like?
Cat. I have 5 cats right now. Sometimes, I wondering to have a dog but my parents didn't allow me to have that lol.

3. Who's people who inspired you?
Of course my mom. For me she is a great woman in the world. She always understand me and always be my listener. 

4. If you're stuck in an island with only 2 stuff allowed, what you'll bring?
Let me think... Hmmm camera and my mp3 player.

5. Which color you like most?
Kinda hard to answer this question, but I'll go with Blue. 

6. If you should choose, which one you'll choose - a camera or a smartphone?

7. Do you have any fans?
Lol idk hahaha. I'm not an artist or popular person. But If you are my fans, I'll appreciate that. And I love you :D lol.

8. If you can choose what life you'll have if you're reborn, which one you'll choose - Bruce Wayne's life or Richie Rich's life?
If I stuck with those options I'll choose Richie Rich's life. At least Richie Rich still have a parents and friends to have fun together.

9. What dou you like most, a smokey eyes or a natural eyes make up?
Smokey eyes. It can makes my eyes more alive and looks sexy hahaha.

10. What time you always wake up in the morning? 
Sometimes I wake up at 5 but when it comes to holiday, I wake up at 8 or 9 haha xD

Okay, done with answer all the questions that given to me. Now, here is my nomination^^
7. Elin Ivana from

Now, for you that I nominated this is the questions:
1. Why did you start your blog?
2. What is your holy-grail product?
3. Where you can get inspiration for makeup?
4. Which body part do you give more attention to be treated?
5. Nice eyebrow or nice lips?
6. Which contry you'd love to visit?
7. If you have a chance to meet someone who still alive or dead, who would it be?
8. What is your favorite movie?
9. Coffee ot tea?
10. What is your favorite quote and by whom?

That's all. Have fun ladies ^^

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  1. Hi, thank you yah udah nominasiin blog aku ^^
    Soon, i'll do mine ya

    thankyou ^^

  2. Thx for nominating me ;)
    Already followed u dear!


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