Review: Etude House Dear Darling Tint #04 Vampire Red

December 18, 2013

Hello beautiful! ^^
Maybe if you notice I changed my blog layout. I decided to do that because I wanna make it fresher and more simple. And now, I love it! ^^

Have you heard about liptint? Liptint is lip product that is less strong than lipstick but more strong than lipgloss. It also lasts longer than both.
My favorite Korean brand, Etude House has Dear Darling Tint series. Dear Darling Tint has 4 colors: Berry RedReal RedOrange Red & the limited edition Vampire Red. I picked #04 Vampire Red (뱀파이어 레드), if you noticed that Etude House (or the other Korean brand) seldom to make a bold color like this for the liptint. Etude House usually play with soft color, but not with this color. I found it's very interesting lol. So I picked this color without hesitation.

I bought this last month and the price is quiet affordable. I bought this product for Rp. 55.000 (around 4,5 USD). When I saw this product for the first time, I thought the color is black, because if you look at the tube the color is black but if you take attention the color has reddish hint. 
The packaging is Etude House style. Comes with glass tube (or placstic?) and pinky-purple lid. It also has 'Dear Daling Tint' slogan emblazoned on the glass. The shape itself is curvy and easy to grip. 

It containts 4,5gr of product and comes with applicator that make us easy to apply the product. I found it's easy to make gradation lips with this applicator. The applicator itself is so smooth, so it won't hurt our lips :D

The texture itself not too watery like the other liptint (I've tried Tony Moly liptint, but it's too watery). The texture is like jelly. I don't have the problem with the scent or taste (sometimes I lick my lips after use this xD). It has sweet scent and has cherry taste.

without flash
with flash
As you can above, the color is vivid even after blend. Before I blended it out, the color looks like blood lol. Now, let's see the color on my lips.

Actually, the color is darker in real life. It's stay for 4-5 hours without eat hahaha. And I found it's hard to blend on my lips. Sometimes I got unbalanced color on my lips. When it comes to make gradation lips, its easy to blend because I just apply this product inside my lips area. But when you plan not to make gradation lips, it's hard to blend with the applicator. So I use my finger to blend it out. 

Tips from me, better to use lip concealer to make the color balance on your lips. Sometimes when it's dry, it's stain on your lips. If you have dry lips, please check your lips when it's dry, because the color will look weird on your lips. It will make your lips cracked away. So better to use lipbalm before use this. Don't forget to scrub your lips too. It'll will make your lips healthier ^^.

When I posted about Face on Face Nourishing Eyeshadow #Blooming Rose. I made FOTD with gradient lips. 

I don't know if it's failed or not xD and this is when I applied without gradient lips. Please bear with it. Because I don't use any makeup. 

I just used this product. Applied with 5 layers and fixed the color with my finger. The color is darker and bit purple-ish in real life.

I think it's suitable for you who likes bold color or just want to play with bold color. You can find it in Etude House's store (I found it's little bit pricey there XD) or any online shop that sell this product. 

- Affordable price
- Stay longer on my lips 
- The color is pretty
- Pigmented
- Nice scent
- Taste like cherry and not bitter like the other liptint that I've tried before
- Smooth applicator
- Texture not too watery

- When it comes not to make gradationt lips, it's hard to blend
- It staints weird on dry lips
- If you don't like bold color, this is not for you.

Have you tried this product before? Do you like it? I like this product! <3

See you on my next post :D

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  1. bagussssss warnanya, aku punya ini yg orange red dan sukaaaa bgt <3 nice review, lintang :D

    1. iyaaa ini emang bagus warnanya. awalnya aku galau mau yg orange red atau ini. tapi akhirnya pilih ini. jatuh cinta sama namanya juga hehehe. makasih udah mampir :D

  2. Replies
    1. gak begitu bikin kering kaya liptint lainnya kok


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