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December 15, 2013

I'm not gonna post about review, tutorial or beauty-related in this post. Because I want to tell about my big dream. Since I was a child, I wanna be a singer! My mom always played Michael Jackson's songs when I was a child back then. She used MJ 's song to make me quiet. While my father always played Doel Sumbang's songs for my lullaby. So, I grow up and surrounded by so many music. Back then, when Maissy booming (I bet 90s kids know who is she!^^), I always watched her video, singing in front of TV and wearing boots. Because Maissy always perfomed with cute boots.
I do love Sherina, when elementary school my day wasn't complete if I didn't hear her songs. I amazed with her voice. She has beautiful voice and make it effortless, while me sounds like death! lol. I do love listen to Westlife music back then. My favorite is Nicky. The first time I joined singing competition (around 10 or 11yo maybe), I choosed Westlife's song! Hahahahaha.


I didn't take any vocal lesson back then, but when I was in junior high school I joined choir team. So I learn all the things from there. I learn how to sing better, fix my articulation, put emotion, etc. When I was sing, sometimes I run out of breath so I fix that with swimming. Swimming is the only sport that I can do better! I learn how to swim since second grade when I was in elementary school and got medals in swimming. Yuhhhuuuu~!^^. At that time I joined 'Pop Singer Contest' in my city, unfortunatelly I didn't made it to the final. But suddenly, the commitee asked me to be backing vocals in their bands. From that time, I always joined any single singing competition. It's okay if I didn't win. Because I think that I dindn't have any experince back then, I just do it because I love it.

When I was in senior high school, I joined again with choir team. And at that time, there was choir competition. We prepared for it around 2-3 months, practiced everyday! And we got 3rd place. Such a miracle lol. Because the other teams always amazed us. My voice seems better at that time, we dicipline in our food and our time to take a rest. Because I really love spicy food, I ate spicy food for three days and the next day I got sore throat -____- Hwaaaaa, I miss that time T____T

My senior high school moments is the best! I have so many the best friends in the world who always support me, have fun with and I until now we still keep in touch. Because they're support in (especially in singing), I got 1st place in singing competition held on my school. I got 'Sasi Idol' titled on mine lol xD . Back then, I sang 'Sang Dewi' by Titi DJ which is my favorite song. And, I joined 'Pop Singer Contest' again, and my made it to got my place in finale :D

In university, I join choir team. This is my last year in choir team and also my last year in university. Now I'm in last semester, doing my thesis and I hope in 10 months I got my titled behind my name :') amen. So, I growing up in choir-atmosphere team that where I should be work as a team, understanding each other, sharing our moments and our pain when we got a sore throat lol. I'll miss that moment. 

Until now, to be a singer is my big dream! Singing is also my life. Because when I sing, I can deliver what I want to say and what I feel. Tbh, my voice is still faaaaar away from perfect voice. My voice is not good as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Beyonce or the other divas! I have still a lot to learn^^

awkward pose lol

Sometimes, If I got bored aor nothing to do, I made a cover song. You can check my soundcloud channel here. Don't expect too much, like I said my voice is still far from perfect. I just recorded it with my headphone mic lol~ and this is my favorite cover among all and also my favorite song

My big dream is to be a singer. What is your big dream? ^^

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  1. Aaa samaa.. aku juga mau jd singer. But skrg nambah lg, make-up artist and ombre hair specialist and stylish :)

    1. Sama, sejak jatuh cinta sama dunia makeup aku juga mau belajar lagi :D

  2. ayooo daftar indonesian idol... Aku dukung pake doa.. :)

    1. udah pernaaaah... waktu itu cuma lolos tahap 2. skg udah telat juga x_x hehehe

  3. Loving your blog hun... just followed you :) please have a look at my blog and follow back.. i would appreciate it :) xxx

    1. thank you so much for following me. sure i'll visit you^^


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