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January 12, 2014

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I wanna sharing some information for you all. I've got this after watched Fashion TV and read some article in google. As a person who can't go out without lipstick lol, this is important for me (and hope for you all) to find out whats is the color trend for lipstick in 2014. To be honest, I'm the person who didn't follow any trends or something like that. Because I'm comfortable with everything on myself. But, I'm a kind of observer -people, and I was just like, "Oh, so this is the trend right now.". Even though is a trend, but if it's not comfortable in myself, I'm not gonna follow that.

Okay enough with the rambling, now I wanna share the color trend for lipstick in 2014. The color star of lipstick in 2014 is ORANGE. At Spring 2014 runway show, orange lipstick is the main star.


Orange lipstick at D Squared Spring 2014

Here, I wanna share how to use and find orange lipstick that match with your skin. Let's read more^^
The way to find the right orange lipstick is match with your skin color. If you have pale and or have pink and red in your skin, orange lipstick which best for you is pastel orange or orange that have more coral or red in them.  

If you have warm skin tones and medium complexions, you can get along with bolder shades (darker than your natural lip) or orange that contain a bit of gold and yellow in them. It will brightens your skin^^~

If you have dark skin, your best orange lipstick is to stick with oranges that contain a brown or deep-red base. 

As you can see,  the trend for the orange lipstick itself is MATTE. But, if you didn't like matte lipstick, you can use light orange lipgloss. You can you nude lipstick and add some orange gloss on your lips! ^^

But, if you like matte lipstick and want to try orange lipstick, make sure the other makeup is fine. It's really important to cover skin flaws with a good foundation because orange lipstick will just accentuate them. Keep eyeshadow and eyeliner to a minimum and just use a bit of mascara and eyebrow to let your eyes pop. When you wear orange lipstick, use natural eyeshadow or the same color as your skin color. Choose pink or peach as your blush on. You're ready to go! ;)

Last but not least, is your outfit. Your makeup is great but it can be fail if you wear the wrong outfit color. Black, white, florals, emerald green or sapphire looks stunning when you wear orange lipstick.

So, that's all from me :) hope you like this post. Just remember, be yourself is the main key! ^^. See you on the next post!

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