Tutorial: Magenta Crush (plus some another EOTD^^)

February 23, 2014

Hallo beautiful!^^

I'm comeback with anothet tutorial. This look is suitable for daily or night look. Actually, I really like smokey eyes look, because it can makes my eyes look *ehem* sexy :p lol~~ but, some people ask me to make tutorial with fresh color like pink, yellow, blue, etc. So this is the result. I played with magenta, peach and brown color. Hope you like it! ^^

How? Hope it's good >w< for this look, I'm gonna give you tutorial. It's easy to follow^^~

It's easy right?^^ btw, for false lashes, it's optional. If you like to wear long false eyelashes, just go with it. Here, I use bottom eyelashes as my upper eyelashes :p hehehehe~

And, this is another EOTD of mine. I created this for join Japan Softlens giveaway that inspired by Maya Mia. Unfortunately, I didn't win. But, it's okay. I had so much fun to create those kind of look!^^

Hope you enjoy my post. If you have any request, you can leave your request on comment box! ^^

Have a great day!

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  1. Seeing how you played with your eyeshadow colours, I think it's time for me to get those colourful eyeshadows which I've been keeping away for so long and start experimenting again! :D


    1. actually this is my first time too playing with those kind of color after long time stick with dark eyeshadow lol. good luck and share with me if you're done! ^^ thanks for visiting :D

  2. hai keren keren banget warna nya Lintang :) sukaaaa
    btw salam kenal ya :))

    1. salam kenal jugaaa :D makasih udah mampir :D yuk dicoba :D

  3. aaa keren tutorialnya, mau nyoba :)

  4. mau coba ah simple banget soalnya heheheh thanks

  5. mata kamu bagus banget lintang :)
    thanks buat tutornya :D


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