DA Sisters 1st Anniversary Giveaway

June 30, 2014

Hello beautiful!^^
With the power of kepepet, finally I can join this giveaway!^^ actually I already knew about this giveaway that held by DA Sisters about a month ago, but at that time I'm busy with my thesis and sometimes lazy to touch my brush to re-create EOTD xD . Happy 1st anniversary for DA Sisters! Keep blogging and inspire us

For this entry, I re-created 3 EOTD looks from DA Sisters. Long time not create any EOTD made my hand so stiff -____- maybe I should practice again to make EOTD after this. So this is my entry...


I never playing with green eyeshadow before. So I should try playing with them to re-create this EOTD. When I look their Instagram, they made this look with green eyeshadow, don't compare me with their eyemakeup laaah~ they're better than me^^


I re-created this look from this post. I didn't have orange eyeshadow like Dyne. So I ended up with that color >w< hehehehe...


For the third look, I re-created the look from this post. I don't know why the color didn't look like it should be. But I already tried my best!^^

So that's it! See you on my next post!^^

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