Review: 5 Colors Dazzling Eye Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette + AiMei Eyelashes

February 15, 2015

Hello beautiful!^^

Some people think that I'm into lipstick, but I'm not. I'm an eyeshadow sucker. Period. My eyes can't stand to look at those pretty color in the palette. Even my wishlist dominated by eyeshadow from all brands~

When Born Pretty Store mailing me to do some products review, I was so happy and without thinking I choose this eyeshadow palette. This called 5 Colors Dazzling Eye Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette, fyuh... what a name!

The box didn't covered all packaging so we can see the colors without open the box. We can see the description, production and expired date at the box.

The packaging of the eyeshadow itself made from plastic and we can see clearly the colors through arcylic. I love they choose gold color and hologram design for the packaging. It makes this eyeshadow looks expensive lol~

This eyeshadow comes with sponge aplicator and 5 shimmery beautiful colors. I choose number #05 because I don't have grey (or silver?) eyeshadow so I choose this hahaha~ 

Now, let's take a look at the swatches. I'm not using any primer so you can see the true color of this eyeshadow.

White - Contain shimmer. Pigmented. 
Silver - Contain shimmer. Pigmented. This is my favorite color.
Gold - Contain shimmer. Pigmented.
Black - Contain shimmer. Not pigmented. Must swipe 2-3 times to show off the color
Purple - Contain shimmer. Not pigmented. Same with the black one, must swipe 2-3 time to show off the color.

Overall, I love this eyeshadow. Even though I expect the black one to be the most pigmented color, but it's not -__- what I love about this eyeshadow they are pigmentedeasy to blend, not creasing, not powdery and last longer. I'm using this eyeshadow in the morning and when I checked my makeup at noon, the eyeshadow stay in its place. It will more last longer if you use primer first.


Beside eyeshadow, another baby that I got in the mail is eyelashes. I love to change my eyelashes type when I make some eye makeup to change my eye's shape and different feeling lol~

So, what I got is AiMei Eyelashes. This eyelashes has 5 pairs and what I love from this eyelashes is the box! It has pink color, flowery, lace and bow. It give feminine yet cute feeling^^

I choose this kind of type because when I scroll down my instagram post, I saw so many talented MUA using this kind of eyelashes so I want to try. But Anggie said that this kind of type just like bulu ketek lol~ xD (you made my day, Nggie! xD)

This eyelashes made from synthetic hair but it's not stiff at all. You can easily adjust this eyelashes to your eyes. The eyelashes has thick pattern on the bottom, but don't worry it will look natural when you use it. Beside that, this eyelahes is reusable! So you don't have to throw away the lashes after you use it. Just clean the lashes with eye remover or alcohol, put them back and ready to use again.

At the end of this post, I will give you my EOTD using the eyeshadow and eyelashes.

Did you like it? Hehehehe~ 
If you want to have those products, grab your at Born Pretty Store and don't forget to use this code >> MINEH10 to get 10% off discount when you check out!^^

Born Pretty Store
Instagram: bornprettymua

Have a nice day~  

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  1. Wah haha racun baru ini :D EOTD-nya cantik ^^
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  2. Cantik maak...suka semuanya...

  3. silver nya cantik, shimmery ny juga gak lebay .

  4. such beautiful colors and eyelashes. =)
    maybe you have lust for einn folgeen and follow back?
    would be happy.

  5. eyelashesnyaaaaa <3 <3 <3

  6. Dear Lintang :)
    Aku nominasiin kamu di Liebster Award.
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