Hello beautiful!^^
My is Lintang Pratiwi, you can call me Lintang. I was born in March, 3rd. 

I created this blog in 2011, but at that time I just posted random stuff and turned this blog into beauty blog since 2013.  My url (mineisdreamers.blogspot.com) already told what kind of persom I am. I am a big dreamer and dreamcatcher is my favorite thing. So I decided to combine that word became the name of my blog. 

The reason why I've started to blog about beauty related stuff because I love beauty things. I want to share the products that I've tried, my wishlist, tips and tricks, tutorial , etc, through this blog. 

I hope my blog can help you to get the information about the products or you can learn some toturial from this blog even though I'm not a pro but I'll always learn to improve my makeup skill and also writing skill. 

Anyway, enjoy my blog and have a great day!

For business inquiries or sponsorship, send your mail to lintangpratiwi92@gmail.com