Retro makes me so galau. . .

October 26, 2011

Sebentar lagi kampus gue adain acara Coffee Party Parade, acaranya itu semacem parade band, pagelaran seni, pemutaran film sambil ditemenin secangkir kopi :) . Konsep acaranya itu sendiri 2 hari, first night is Retro and the second night is Romantic. Jadi nanti band-band atau solois yang tampil di malam pertama wajib bawain lagu-lagu yang temanya retro, gitu juga di malem kedua. 
Kenapa postingan ini lo kasih judul  "Retro makes me so galau. . ."?

Well, gue perform nanti sama GBW Vocal Group buat ngisi di acara itu and guess what? I don't have f*ckin idea to find my retro style!!!! -_______- is that bad i think :( gue sebenernya suka banget fashion ala retro or vintage, tapi gatau gue stuck dan gue juga gak terlalu pinter mix match :( mungkin gue harus bongkar lemari supaya dapet style itu atau bongkar lemari lama nyokap gue -___- but the problem is kalo gue pake baju punya nyokap jaman dulu dijamin kayaknya gak muat, secara nyokap gue dulunya langsing banget, nah gue kan sekseh sekseh gimana gitu :p hwahahahahaha---

Apasih Retro Fashion itu?

Menurut wikipedia nih ya:
Retro fashion is a clothing style which consists in wearing clothes commonly used in the past. This way of clothing often includes garments and accessories that are characteristic of such times, and many people use them in an exaggerated way and in combination with current clothing. Examples are: leather handbags from the 50s, "bell-bottom jeans", big sunglasses, fedoras, funky jackets (commonly Adidas Classics) and shoes, small neckties, chiffon scarves, sport equipment, skinny jeans[citation needed] etc. Makeup may also play a part in feminine retro fashions, with focal points being heavily-lined eyes and bright red lipstick; hairstyles such as pompadours, ponytails, and ducktails may be adopted, as well as styles that model film stars of the 1940s and '50s
Jadi intinya fashion yang trend di era tahun 1940 dan 1950an, inspirasinya bisa diliat gaya berpakaian Marilyn Monroe. Yang gue tangkep juga, style ini kentel banget sama dress, polkadot, ruffle skirt, etc.
Nih gue kasih contonya:  

Good right :D now I'm intersting to find their clothes and mix macth as my creation. Wish me luck :D btw, I've not found the right songs for this theme. Because I Love Indonesia, I'll sing Indonesian songs :D 

Have a great day! :)

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