Let's Start The Another Journey

September 12, 2013

Hello again! Actually I wanna posting about my KKN story but it still in the draft lol and I will finish it asap!
So, I typed this post with my phone in the train. And the picture I took it based on my view in the train. Beautiful, isn't? :)
I know, all of you wanna ask this question. I will going to Jakarta to meet up with my friends and fullfil my dream.
Yes, my dream. Watching Girls' Generation World Tour Concert in Jakarta!! You can boo-ing at me and say, 'You just waste your money', 'What will you get there?', and maybe the other question. There is no waste for anything of your dream! I work hard to achieve this dream. I've been a fan of them since 2010 and now there is a chance that they are will go to your counrty to held a concert! Great, right?
I saving saving saving my money to buy the ticket. It's hardwork. I pray and try to reach my dream. And when it comes true, you can't tell the right feeling to express it! ><
Let this train bring me to my another dream :') I will continue my post about the concert later.
See you and don't forget to try, pray and work hard to achieve what you can. I can do this, why you can't?
Love, Lintang♥

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