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October 10, 2013

Yaaaay! After suffering with old and boring layout blog, finally I have the new one lol :D Actually, I used previous layout about less than one month lol... Ya ya ya, I'm a boring-kind person *slap*
I made the header by myself and got the beautiful dreamcatcher from texture blog that I found in tumblr. If you interest, you can visit here. I think this new layout represent me so muchoooo! ^^ why? Because I really like simple thing and you can see that my blog is simple right? hehehehe. And the second is, I like dreamcather ^^ it can catch bad dreams and change(?) it into good one. May you and I always surrendered by good things ^^ *amen*
I just wanna throw this quick post. Maybe I'll make new post If I have a relaaaax time. Because this semester is going crazy! I just going to college every Monday and Friday this semester but it's not as simple as you think. But, I'll do my best to finish this semester and also my college. Because I'm in the last semester in college right now. It's my nightmare senior year lol ><
I'm gonna PPL after mid-term, so yeah wish me luck! hahahaha. In fact, I'm not good in teaching :( but again, I'll do my best. I wont waste my time in my last year ^^ Oh, I will comeback later with review about makeup^^ Oh yes! I do looooove makeup since I was young, but not that good in makeup-ing myself lol, still learning laa~~ ^^ 
Before I go, this is my latest selca! Please bear with it hehehe~ I didn't PS-ing the first picture but the second I going wild with add some texture on it but didn't PS-ing my face lol. You can tell that I awkward on the picture, it's because my digicam is broken so I can't take picture freely >< just feel comfortable with that one. These picture I taken with my brother's DLSR. It's heavy and I shaking while taking the picture, beside that I still can't use it properly. Such a gaptek person -________________-

See you on next post! ^^
With love, 

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  1. Great layout ^^ I like it. Btw what liptisck did u used? Thanks

    1. Thank you so much <3 I use wardah long lasting lipstick number one, honestly is not that pink in the real life hahaha. Thanks for visiting ^^

  2. Aw! Love your eye make and lips! Hoping to see more posts from you! :)

    1. Thank you so much! But I still lack of eye makeup >< will learn more about that! Thanks for visiting <3


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