Review: Viva Eyeshadow Cream & Single Blush

December 01, 2013

Hello beautiful! It's a new month~ OMG time flies so fast, right? I still can't move on from November, it's my favorite month :D but life must go on. I must face it no matter what lol~

So this is my first post in December. I'll review my babies. Have you heard about Viva Eyeshadow Cream & Single Blush? Yap, Viva has their single eyeshadow and blush which is soooo many colors that you can choose and it's really cheap! Each product is under Rp. 10.000. Let's take a look ;)

I choose wearable colors that I can use everyday. Actually I had the blue eyeshadow one, the color is so beautiful but when I opened the cap, the pan was fell and gone to my under bed! Weird, isn't it? -___- since I can't reached it so I just left it. I really like the color though. I bought this is two different store. 5 colors (include blue) I bought in Toko Sariayu. There are so many shade available in that store which is made me confuse lol. And the left in the store near Pasar Mambo, seriously I forgot the name of the store T______T 

The colors that I choose for eyeshadow are: Putih (White), Silver, Hitam (Black) and Ungu Dark (oke, you can laugh :p it's Dark Purple). And for the blush I choose Fin Touch number 4&5.
If you notice, the colors under the pan it's different. It's different because the texture. The black one is eyeshadow while the white one is blush.

The packaging comes with single pan made from plastic. The cap can easliy separated from the pan. So be sure to press the cap after using it. I found the cap is cracks easily. In some colors, the name of the color written on clear sticker.


I quite like the creamy eyeshow. Because the color is pigmented, easy to blend and wearable enough to use the colors everyday. When I lazy to put makeup or in a rush, I just picked one of the colors and blend away with my finger, put mascara and you're ready to go!^^
The blush itself is not bad. It's pigmented. But I found it's too powdery. Before you put it, make sure you tap the brush on the pan^^

Let's take a look on the blush.

Fin Touch 4 is coral orange, I bought this color because it's beautiful one and wearable when I use it in day event or night event. It gives fresh feeling just look at the color :D

Fin Touch 5 is peachy-pink. The color is so sweet and gives you romantic and sweet look :) This color is pigmented, which is I found it's good ;)

This is the swatch on my hand...

Fin Touch 5 - Fin Touch 4 // without flash & with flash
 Now, let's move to the eyeshadow~

Ungu Dark. I sometimes found the name is funny xD hahahaha~ it's using Indonesian-English word xD well okay, blame on the manufacture for gave the name xD even though the name is funny, but this is my favorite colors among all the eyeshadow! It's shimmery sultry dark purple (but not too shimmery though), easy to blend and pigmented! It can gives you glamour and sexy look and might be suitable for black dress^^

Hitam (Black). The texture is creamy matte. Easy to blend and pigmented. This is multifunctional color. You can use it as eyeliner, fill your eyebrow, use it as eyeshadow or if you likes to make smokey eye look this is a must have colors!

Silver. This is shimmery light grey. You can use the color as eyeshadow or use it on your waterline to upen up your eyes^^ this color is pigmented and easy to blend^^

Putih (White). This is the first eyeshadow that I bought before I bought the other colors. So far, I love this colors and has so many function. For highlight your nose and browbone. This color can also use as base eyeshadow and use on your waterline as well^^. It's pigmented and easy to blend.

This is the swatch on my hand....

ungu dark (lol), hitam, silver, putih // without flash - with flash

Staying Power
Maybe you're wondering is the staying power of this product is good? Because the price is cheap. The answer is yes! I used this eyeshadow at 8am until 5pm it's still there but the color began to fade. I think it's normal. And for the blush itself is so-so. After 3 hours it's fade but not dissapear. 


- Cheap
- Has so many colors
- Easy to get
- Pigmented both eyeshadow and blush
- Easy to blend
- Staying power for eyeshadow is good

- Cheap packaging
- The blush is not good at staying power
- Fragile packaging
- The cap can easily separate from the pan

So, have you tried this product? You can share with me on comment box!^^

With love,

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  1. packingnya ky refill ya. kl dibikin palet mgkn lbh bgs. anyway murah juga nih :)

    1. iya bener :D bikin costum pallete gitu bagus juga :D tapi belum tau cara ngeluarin eyeshadow dari pan-nya, soalnya kaya jadi satu gitu sama pan-nya. Thanks for visiting <3

  2. Uwaaaaaaaaa tadi aku nyaris aja mau beli ini pas liat di Hypermart! :D Untung ga jadi, lagi Spending Ban hihihi Cuma pengen nyobain sih kapan2 gitu, tadi liat juga warnanya terbatas :/ Etapi hasilnya nggak creamy yah meski judulnya cream...

    1. ntar kalo ngelanggar bikin eyes-look :p hehehehe. Iya cobain, yg ungu dark (lol) itu cakep! aku nyari tosca gitu gak ada padahal lagi mau banget. engga begitu creamy emang tapi gak sekering eyeshadow lainnya juga. ini kasih kesan wet eyes gitu dimata :D

  3. aku punya ini yg warna cokelat,hitam sm silver, murah bgt ya ci. hihi lumayanlah kualitasnya buat harga segitu. nice review ce ^^

    Mind to follow my blog?

    1. iya ini lumayalanlah kalo buat coret2 muka gitu :3 pengganti face paint ceritanya hehe. tapi tetep kalo mau keliatan bagus kudu pake eyeshadow primer dulu ^^ makasih udah mampir. followed ya dear^^

  4. yg ungu mudanya, eyeshadow cream ungu muda jg cakep....naksir ijonya jg..ungu tua kek burgundy y|

    1. kemarin gak ada yg ungu muda, kayaknya kalo ada aku beli, soalnya pernah liat naksir juga. ijonya sayang bgt gak ada juga >< iya bener. warna itu sering aku pake hihihi


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