Review: e.l.f Eyelid Primer #Sheer

June 11, 2014

Hello beautiful^^ how are youuuuuu?
OMG I really miss this blog T___T sorry for having MIA, because I have crazy months because of my thesis and the other family events. And I just realized, in May I just posted once and it's about tutorial. I'll try my best to post more often, because this month I also busy with my thesis, anyone can help me? T____T

Anyway, excuse my rambling and in this post I'll give lots of picture, just try out my new camera and I really love with the result, so I decided to put everything in here :p hehehehe. Back to review, I'm gonna review e.l.f Eyelid Primer in Sheer. Actually I have this product about a month ago, use it for daily makeup routine and I really love this product!^^ Let's take a look, shall we?^^

Actually, there is no special thing about the packaging. I can't complaint since it's drugstore product and it's really cheap (with great performance, ofc!). At the front side we can see the information about the name of the product, shade, and the size of this product. The packaging itself it's really simple, it doesn't need any box . The product covered by mica plastic in the center. e.l.f Eyelid Primer itself has 4 shades, there are: Golden, Pearl, Champagne and Sheer. I can't choose the othder shade beside of this shade. Because at that time, the online just provide this shade and the other shade must pre-order. So yeah, I just take this one.

At the back side, we can see the description of the product. It claims that this product will preps the eyelid for smoother, longer-lasting, creaser-proof eyeshadow and will increase eye color longevity. There is also the direction of the product. Just use it thin coat in your eyelid, blend and wait until it dry before you put the eyeshadow. You just wait about a minute. I usually use this primer with make a three dots on my eyelid (corner, center and at the end of eyes) and blend it well with my ring finger.

the ingredients
it can be use for 12 months and no animal testing :D
e.l.f Eyelid Primer has plastic tube packaging, it's really light and travel friendly. It has wand applicator. I wish it has squeeze tube so it can more hygiene and easy to control the primer when it will running out, because you just squeeze the tube. But for the wand? I don't know how to do it >< lol~~

Now let's move to the swatch. This primer has matte finish and no shimmer at all (ofc, it's matte xD) and you just use this a little bit. But, if you have special occasion and the events take a long time, you can add the primer by layering it.

The performance for this primer is great! I can't say any more. As you can see, the primer really increase the color of the eyeshadow and make it smooth. For this swatch I used random color from my MUA Pastel Pallete. It has beautiful pastel color, but somehow the pigmentation is not good. So I use some colors from the palette to test this primer and the result turns out really good!^^

How about the staying power? I really love the staying power. It can stay on my oily lids for a day if you use this by layering it. But, if you use this single layer, it can stay for 8 hours. The eyeshadow color just fade away not dissapear at all. Please note, I have really oily eyelid, if you have normal eyelid, this might be better on its performance. 

This picture below shot after one hour application and I rubbed hard with tissue. As you can see, the eyeshadow without primer dissapear meanwhile with this primer still stay on its place but the color just fade away. 

Oh, this is me with full makeup that I did by myself  and using this primer. This picture taken at my wedding cousin and I become the pagar ayu at the moment. This picture taken at 4pm and I started makeup and using this primer at 7am. The color still there and didn't move or dissapear.

Overall, I really love this primer. It can works on my oily lids and the price is really cheap (around $3 or Rp. 35.000-40.0000, depends where you get this). I can't say anymore, great price and great performance. What should I say anymore? :D If you want to save your money and buy a eye primer, you can try this eye primer. Actually I really wanna try the other primer, but I will stick with this eye primer for this moment. :D

Where I buy? Nyx Olshop
Price: Rp. 40.000

Have you try this eye primer? Share ypur thought please~~^^

See you on my next post~~~ 

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  1. baru ngeh elf itu kepanjangan eye lips face yak (yeee kemana aja!)
    Kamu membuatku tergiur Lintang! Padahal eye primerku masih ada dua, itu juga masih banyak. Nice review anyway! :)

    1. Aku juga baru tau baru2 ini kalo e.l.f ada singkatannya xD hahahaha.. Hayooo beli beli, ini cuco banget loooh hehehehe :3 makasih udah mampir :* :*

  2. Aaaa jadi kepengen lintanggg. Kebetulan aku juga lagi cari eyeshadow base nih. Sepertinya boleh dicoba nih ^_^
    Nice review ^_^

  3. Wah elf hasil nya bagus bngt, harga nya pun terhangkau, jd kepengen coba juga >///< by the way nice review kak lintang and thanks for the review <3

    1. Glad you like it :D ayo ayo dicobain :D

  4. Ecieeeeee kamera baruuu, pake kamera apa sekarang nih?

    Anyway, kalo sheer, dia cocok dijadiin primer warna apa aja atau ada warna tertentu? Kalo yang putih kan cocok buat yang warna bold tuh, kl yg gold buat warna2 gelap atau shimmer.. Kl sheer?

    1. Hihihi iyaa, ini pake eos-m kak.. canon 1000d-ku lagi istirahat dulu, berat juga lagian T___T kalo sheer ini kayaknya lebih cocok untuk warna esedo matte, pernah aku coba kalo esedo yg banyak shimmernya kurang gitu ngeset langsung kecuali kita tapnya pelan2, tapi kalo esedo shimmer pigmentasinya oke, bakalan jadi oke juga warnanya.

  5. Oh my god it's really cheap and must-have product banget ya kayaknya? Murah banget ya 40rb, aku sempet liat siang td di olshop lain 75rb. Wah wah wah untung aku belum beli hahaha and thanks god I found your review accidentally before I purchase this product. Thanks girl :*

    Oh ya btw ternyata aku udah follow blog kamu hihihi, aku lupa km udah follow aku apa belum. Kalau belum mind to followback? :*

    1. iyaaapppp benerrrr! :D banyak di review sama blogger2 luar sana kalo ini emang bagus. jadilah aku coba beli :D fyuuhh coba ya kalo udah beli & liat post ini, bakal gigit jari tau harganya :p hehehe. Aku udah follow blog kamu juga kok ^^ makasih udah mampir :* :*

  6. aaa murahhh I have to buy this!! hahahaa
    nice review kakk ^^

    btw, I've follow your blog.. mind to follow back? :)

    1. Iya bener, yuuuk cobain :D

      followed dear ;)


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